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A THEATRE PROJECT - The Interactive Digital iBook

Read the book, and explore the world of backstage theatre via video, sound, music and across the internet.

A THEATRE PROJECT - iBook is a first-of-its-kind innovation in the world of theatre books.

This enhanced edition breaks the boundaries of storytelling with a host of dynamic features.

The acclaimed print format of the book with its rich graphic layout, and over 500 illustrations, is preserved in its digital form, thanks to the innovative PageSuite page turning-turning software that delivers exceptional clarity with zoom capability, enhanced with page view, content search, offline usage, social networking and email tools.

The numerous enhancements that take the reader far beyond the written page are unprecedented. Multiple embedded links give the reader new and unusual possibilities: archive sound clips with access to music from hit shows; video clips of productions, theatre practice and technology; combine with links to provide further background on shows, people and theatres, updating the reader about today's theatre practice through the breadth of information available on the world-wide web.

A version of this digital book is available for:

  • iOS iPad, iPhone, iPod
  • Desktop with MS Windows XP, or Mac OS X Version 10 and above
  • Android, Blackberry with other smartphone or tablet devices using HTML5

Free periodic upgrades will include further links to images and video, background on productions, theatres, and personalities

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US $13.99 | UK £9.09 | Europe €10.49 | 484 pages and over 500 illustrations


US $9.99 | UK £5.99 | Europe €7.99 | 484 pages and over 500 illustrations

Published by PLASA Media in association with Richard Pilbrow Design | | | 1-212-244-1505, ext. 714 | |

Digital Editions: ISBN-13: 978-0-9834796-1 ISBN-10: 0-9834796-1-5

The book may be read in single or double page spread — with zoom capability

Thumbnail views provide rapid access to all pages and there is Super-Fast Search capability on any subject

Explore great architecture . . . 

and great theatre . . .


Multiple links include show movies 

Movies of amazing technology

Movies of magic theatres

Moments from epic Broadway productions

Web-links to outstanding venues

What's on tonight?

Explore ancient technology


And rediscover your favorate Broadway scores

Instruction Manual for A THEATRE PROJECT - The Interactive "Game-iEdition."

The digital edition of A THEATRE PROJECT, with innovative page-turning technology is provided by

The digital book includes various enhancements to the printed text that are LINKS, outlined below. Table of contents links take the reader to the corresponding chapter. Most other links lead to websites that allow the reader various options for further exploration. The reader may delve as he or she wishes through associated links before returning to the book text.

Text Link. [Red with white background, or pale red] Takes the reader to an associated website of interest. This may be biographical information on an artist, designer, or architect, or links to their websites. For example a link from a theatre may take the reader to the theatre or company website that might allow exploration into the history, as well as the theatre's current program. Biographical information might extend from a Wikipedia site to the individual's personal website.

Music Link. [Red with blue background] Takes the reader to a website related to a production, with information on the music available. Dependent upon the media viewing platform, this may included sample extracts from the musical score. 

NOTE 1: Not all music links are enabled on some devices.

NOTE 2: Links to iTunes must be closed after use. Reopen ATP App to return.

Video Link. [Picture or red with red background] Takes the reader to a video clip related to the subject. This might be a  commentary on a theatre, or a particular technical innovation, or a production extract or trailer.

Sound link. [Small sound control symbol - press arrow to play] Takes the reader to an audio clip. NOTE: Not all sound  links are enabled on some devices.

NOTE: The LINK enhancements are still a work in progress. Some sites may still be in preparation and others will be added in later editions, These will be automatically updated as they become available.

Reviews of the e-edition:

“The e-edition of the book brings that same innovative, pioneering spirit and quest-to-improve to publishing, the new features adding life and depth to an already fascinating read."
Rob Halliday

Insanely great use of iPad tech, and a great read too. Buy. This. Book!
This innovative use of the iPad technology is unprecedented. It's how any book on this platform ought to be written, with interactive links to URLs, photos and movies that allow the reader to reach the whole world wide web without ever leaving the book.
However, the context does not overwhelm the content — great stories shared with insightful, witty style. Anyone with even a passing interest in the world of theatre will enjoy this trip through theatre technology, theatre lore, and theatre consulting, as told by a master storyteller."
Jules Lauve

"Richard's terrific story on the iPad. Inspiring and eye opening, worth every second of reading."
Fridthjofur Thorsteinsson, ALD's FOCUS August 2012

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