Welcome to the SECOND EDITION - AUGUST 2015

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Winner of the USITT GOLDEN PEN AWARD - 2013

“London has the best theatre, and Broadway used to have the best theatre technicians. Now I suspect we have the best of both worlds, and much of this reputation is down to one of our truly great unsung heroes: the prodigious Pilbrow.”

- by Michael Coveney


Welcome to this website that tells the story behind the book about Theatre Projects. It tells of the company and of the many people who have helped live that story for over five decades.

Enjoy browsing the book's table of contents, many pictures and a few movies, read some extracts, see how 50 years of many peoples' memories were brought together, and link via the web to so many of the influences that have inhabited our lives.

Do leave a comment, a message, your own recollections,   or begin a conversation.

Finally you can buy a real book (death to trees!) or a forthcoming e-book. You choose.

I hope you enjoy.

Richard Pilbrow

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Reviews of the e-edition:

“The e-edition of the book brings that same innovative, pioneering spirit and quest-to-improve to publishing, the new features adding life and depth to an already fascinating read."
Rob Halliday

Insanely great use of iPad tech, and a great read too. Buy. This. Book!
This innovative use of the iPad technology is unprecedented. It's how any book on this platform ought to be written, with interactive links to URLs, photos and movies that allow the reader to reach the whole world wide web without ever leaving the book.
However, the context does not overwhelm the content — great stories shared with insightful, witty style. Anyone with even a passing interest in the world of theatre will enjoy this trip through theatre technology, theatre lore, and theatre consulting, as told by a master storyteller."
Jules Lauve

"I can say it without a shred of doubt it felt much easier - and in fact much nicer - to read Richard's terrific story on the iPad. Inspiring and eye opening, worth every second of reading. It is inspiring for a young professional to read, and hopefully enlightening (pardon the pun) for every reader."
Fridthjofur Thorsteinsson, ALD's FOCUS August 2012

"Other apps that are worth a mention, with superb concept and beauty — There's Richard Pilbrow's 'A THEATRE PROJECT' a backstage adventure tracking the development of creative professionals backstage."

—Sharon D Calcutt, ABTT's Sightline Autumn 2012 and The Stage

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